Thursday, August 15, 2013

Volume 78 The Consensus of Stupidity

....As I'm sitting in my local bar attempting to wash away a terrible sales day at my company, a group of golfers start arriving after their Wednesday afternoon round of golf. I'm familiar with most of them as we all live within this small town of under 10,000 people. They all gather at the other end of the bar from where I'm sitting and carry on about their round of golf, paying up bets, arguing about shots made or missed, the usual conversations that takes place with guys after a round of golf. One of the players, who I've known for over forty years waves me over to the other side of the bar to join them. Actually I've been doing quite well with my 'shots' of chilled Crown and Bud Lite (to the extent that the bartender placed 'my' fifth in the beer cooling rather than having 'to shake with ice') and the last thing I needed was to join in with the golfing group; nevertheless, against my better judgement, which was obviously somewhat clouded, I moved to the seat next to (lets call him) Ralph.

After the normal pleasantries of asking about their round of golf, my 'friend' asked about my day and I simply stated the sales were very slow and I'm very disgusted with the economy and 'those' in Washington. I should have remained on the other side of the bar for my 'friend's' next statemnt was "you can certainly blame this economic mess on Bush and those Republicans". Being the smart ass that I am, I asked him if he meant 41 or 43 to which there was no response, as he had no clue. Needless to say the conversation only went 'down hill' and, of course, I added to the fuel mixture by stating (in response to his anti-Bush statement) that I was a Constitutional Conservative with some Libertarian leanings. My 'friend' is a third generation Democrat (I'm a second) born and raised in Northeastern Ohio which is actually the point within this writing as it defines the lunacy of 'blue and red' thinking.

As I stated in my previous writing "there exists no true diversity of opinion, multiple ideological perspectives, creative thinking and decision making skills." I guess it also applies to older generations since (obviously) many believe that the politics of the 50's, 60's, 70's and very early 80's are the same today. They are ingrained with the thinking that Democarts are 'for the people' and Republicans are 'for the rich'. The facts however show that 'our' elected officials in Washington, whether 'blue or red', have no idea what it is to struggle with a small business, health care issues, balancing budgets, clueless as to what an income and balance sheet represents and further they don't care. Why would they? They have spent millions of dollars in getting elected which now guarantees them income (same income which they presently make even at one term in office) for the rest of their lives, a health care plan that is of no cost and delivers the very best of the medical field, no bugets to balance, and can raise OUR debt ceilings at will.

It seems to me that if one is to argue Politics, one ought to at least have some thoughts that are original and not part of the rhetoric concerning 'Democrats and Rebulicans' of today's ilk. I think one ought to acknowledge the fact that within Cabinet appintments made by President Obama that less than 8% of the appointments have prior private sector experience and that is the lowest in 100 years. Acknowledgement of facts as to increases in debt per administration or Tax plans as it pertains to payment of food stamps, health care, illegal immrigrants and the rest of the 'free stuff' since it will negatively affect those who actually work for a living and those that actually need assistance, medical or otherwise.

Or other facts:

* Federal spending highest since World War II
* Budget deficit highest since World War II
* Percentage of taxpayers paing income lowest in modern era
* Home ownership rate lowest since 1965
* Government dependency defined as the percentage of persons receiving one or more federal benefit payments highest in American history without accountability

Unfortunately Socialism has taken root and now producing seed; but who cares as long as government, 'Blue or Red', takes care of us and obviously knows what is best.

Back to my chilled 'Crown' not to be confused with 'clowns' who have taken up much too much of my drinking time.

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