Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Volume 68 - Decade of Gold, Oil and Terrorism

2010 has finally arrived with the passing of the first decade of the New Millennium - finally its over! But, what did we really learn during that last debacle of a decade?

Well, for starters, we learned that Gold and Oil are still the masters of the Universe. Gold increase over 300% with Oil at 200% during that time, with 'Terrorism' becoming a common word in our vocabulary.

We learned that until gasoline prices hit $3.00 per gallon no one gives a shit!

We learned that no matter the price of gas we, as a nation, will not do anything to become self-sufficient (the same 'nothing' that we did in the late 70's and the rest of the decade)

We learned that our borders are not safe and secure. We learned first hand what it is like, as a Nation, to be attacked on our own shores.

We learned that the Government has no clue on where foreigners, students and visitors with proper Visa, go within this country nor is there a check and balance system to monitor time restraint/location once entrance is gained.

We learned that the Bigger the Government gets, the worse it becomes for the average working citizen and small business owner.

We learned that the Bigger Government becomes, the more 'and bigger the lies to the citizenry.

We learned (Again) that War serves no purpose.

We learned that there is a growing population within this country that 'demands 'their 'Social welfare'.

We learned that if there are any trust worthy Politicians, who actually care about their constituency, that number is dwindling at a rapid pace.

We learned that for legislation to pass in Congress all members must be bribed with enough 'pork' to cause them to 'sleep through a few sessions', and then vote on something that they know 'stinks' but will comply 'bribe' in hand.

We learned that if one is (declared) "Too Big to Fail" there is tax money readily available; or, there is always the midnight shift at the Treasury to print more money.

We learned that the United States nationalized more businesses in the past decade than China.

We learned that Congress had no recognition or understanding of a Balance Sheet or Income Statement.

We learned that Banking Institutions can produce Billions of Dollars of Losses within a two year period, be on the verge of Bankruptcy, continue to pay bonuses and give 'golden parachutes' for non-productive work, and then with a 'magic wand' from Congress show excellent balance sheets within a years time and pay out billions of more dollars in bonus money and (at the same time) refuse to loan money, create lines of credit, etc for Small Businesses that employ 95% of the workers in this country.

We learned that while there is certainly need for controlling cost of Health Care, providing proper Health Care to the citizenry, working out the outrageous prescription costs for medication, and a very long list of corrective actions necessary to stop this money spiral, the Health Care Insurance Companies are as greedy as Congress, who have their own private policy, and have no regard for us. We learned that there are two menaces in this arena, both equally as corrupt and evil, Congress (the administration) and the Insurance Companies.

We have NOT learned that if there is a National Health Care Program that it will go the way of the Social Security Program. It will start out as a completely voluntary program with participates paying a limited amount of monies for some sort of coverage. The amounts of money put into this program would be deductible from their income for tax purposes. Like the beginnings of the Social Security Program, which received funding that went to a 'Trust Fund' rather than into the general operation fund to be used to fund the social security retirement program and no other Government program, these funds would pay for the newly signed up non-insured individual or other participates that wanted the Government type Insurance Program. The participates would never be taxed on these benefits; but eventually will be taxed. And, if by some miracle, this fund would become of size, the funds would (like Social Security) be diverted by Congress to pay for other programs (sort of reminds one of Bernie Madoff)

We have NOT learned (understood) that the U.S. has no working policy on illegal immigration; that this will continue to be a major problem to be made even worse with a Liberal Congress. Illegal Immigration should have been a major debate during the past national election but NO candidate had the presence of mind (balls) to pursue this issue then or NOW.

We have NOT learned the true value or understanding that we presently have in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution; but, hopefully this understanding will somehow be achieved before it is too late.

We have NOT learned how to implement those line items that will make our Country safe from another 911; Nor have we learned or understood the lessons of 911, and we will (unfortunately) be tested again.

We have NOT learned how to respond to a major attack or natural disaster.

We have NOT learned how to listen but rather spew rhetoric in gigantic proportions.

We have NOT learned to educate our children

May 2010 be better than 2009, and my whatever God you worship give this great Nation a little guidance.............................