Thursday, April 09, 2015

Volume 87 - A Nation of Complainers seduced by the welfare punch bowl and leftiest philosophy ... much so that the massive flow of subsidies has taken a rising toll on the character of the recipients. The longer any group or class of people receive money that they didn't earn the worse their social condition.  There was a time no long ago that we never took anything from the government.  We never whined about our suffering and our struggles.  Where our Republic became a nation of legal immigrants  who had a strong moral fiber, good character and high integrity.  They made there own way, worked hard, suffered, served this country and often somehow knew happiness and peace of mind.  They came from many nations and knew discrimination, bigotry, and what it was to work  to care for their family.  Regardless of heritage, fought in the World Wars with courage in the most devastating of conditions.  Everybody worked at something and we never heard anything from 'activists' because they didn't exist.

Now we view the news with suspicion as 'news' is broadcast and accepted as the truth when factually only a 'ratings' story as "Hands Up Don't Shoot" totally false yet viewed and accepted as the truth without apology.  The UVA alleged rape with condemnation of a fraternity and over reaction by an University President yet nothing but terrible journalism with no accountability to the source of this falsehood nor to the broadcasting by leftist news networks and a overreaction of a University official that couldn't operate a Dairy Queen.  The whining of homosexual rights activists that forces a small pizza business to close because they express First Amendment rights that differ from the activists.  It seems now that  Politics, Government and the Media have become the most important things in America.  The news organizations dwell on the utterances of the Chief Executive as if he were Moses.  It's as if our government, the bureaucrats, the politicians,  news anchors and activists have become our saviors.  The "Kool-Aid" unfortunately has been consumed by the majority even though a growing government threatens to diminish our freedoms and exterminate our prosperity.  We are so far down the rabbit hole to socialism there appears no turning back.

And yet, it will get worse as not only have we taken up second place to China as the most productive nation on earth our educational system is as bad as our foreign policy.  According to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2012 the U.S. in Mathematic literacy ranked 29th in the world behind China, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Poland and 21 other countries.  In Science Literacy there were 22 other countries ahead of the United States.  In Reading Literacy 19 other country educational systems ranked ahead of the U.S.

Our foreign policy would be better if it didn't exist; as arguably, it doesn't.  Within the last decade we have abandoned and forsaken our Friends and now suck up to our enemies.  It is not beyond comprehension that unless this lack of substantial policy and understanding is reversed within the next few years there may not exist the State of Israel and Saudi Arabia.  The Middle East will not only drastically change in territory realignment and culturally destroying anything in its path for a new world order under maniacs that will be compared to Hitler and Stalin, both in ambition and savagery.

The 2016 Election will be the most important in the history of this country.