Thursday, November 07, 2013

Volume 82 - Mystery - Fact or Fiction? Part 1 - Introduction-Visit-Question

The following is a conversation that took place four weeks ago, on or about October 8, 2013 in the 700 block area of Ocean Drive, in the public park diagonally across from the former Victor Hotel, Miami beach (South Beach), Florida. The participants, sitting on the park bench, are Tony Tuscano and Jacob Levine. The time is approximately 10:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Tony Tuscono is the C.E.O. and founder of a high security company known as Golds, Sachs & Thomas which also does covert contractual work with a highly classified section of the U.S. government formed during the Presidency of '41'. GST with the main office in South Beach has offices in New Orleans and Shanghai. Tuscono's resume includes three degrees, fluency in four languages, action in three major conflicts, decorated ranger and 'spook' credentials involving over a hundred covert operations. Jacob Levine is a 'retired' Israel citizen visiting South Beach. 'Retired' from being the number two man in Israel's Mossad, the Central Insitute for Inteligence and Special Missions, and more specifically, the former Director in Israeli's Metsada, the clandestine operations command arm of the Mossad which runs small units of agents who carry out actions abroad against those considered to be a threat to Israeli security. They specialize in rescue, assassinations and sabotage.

According to security briefing documents, these two individuals first became friends in mid-1976 due to an incident which ocurred on June 27, 1976 when Air France flight A300, originating in Israel, was hijacked and forced to land in Entebbe Uganda. The Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, ordered the Mossad to rescue the Air France passengers while it was on the ground in Idi Amin's Uganda. The commander in chief of the Mossad turned the rescue over to Levine and the Metsada unit. Swiftly dealing with Amin, the Metsada unit kidnapped Amin's daughter within twelve hours of the hijacked plane and, magically, the Uganda's government cooperation was instantaneous. According to all news accounts the heroic operation, thousands of miles from home, was a great success since all the hijacked passengers, with the exception of a Mrs Fora Block, were released to safety. Only one member of Levine's unit, Major Yonathan "Yoni" Netayahu, was killed in the course of the rescue. Levine was a real hero in his homeland.

What was never known about this operation, traveling under false identifications, were passengers Tony Tuscono and Chester Carson. They, according to classifed file documents, had just finished a rather involved operation in Jordan and through the cooperation of the Mossad escaped through Israel and coincidently were booked on Air France flight A300. When Rabin ordered the Entebbe rescue operation, he was fully aware of the two U.S. agents on board. A thousand miles away a hijacked aircraft lands in a country that is friendly to fanatical terrorism yet the final score showed eight terrorist dead, one civilian and one member of the unit. The order to take the plane only came after Tuscono and Carson had already disposed of all but two of the hijackers using Glock 28's with specially designed Heckler & Koch silencers made with Polymer 2, the 'space-age' plastic still in covert manufacturing processes decades later. The two remaining terrorists had secured themselves in the cockpit holding automatic weaponry to the pilot and co-pilot's heads. The Metsada unit blasted the cockpit door with 'flash' agent and newly created 'sound' canisters followed by sequencial rounds of silent automatic fire. Although the crew were injured, they somehow survived. The dead civilian died at the scene taking fire from one of the six terrorists as so stated in clasified file 173940 incident report dated September 1, 1976.

The conversation on the park bench, between these two old friends, started with Tuscono asking Levine how he enjoyed his first night in South Beach and the private belcony seating at Mango's, a South Beach night club celebrating their twenty-second year anniversay in business.

Levine, as cordial and mannered as his file so implies, simply smiled, thanked Tony and then stated, "My friend we are need of your assistance, or rather your assessment of a very serious matter."

Levine paused, took a deep breath of the ocean salt air, "Over all these years we have always respected each other's opinions whether we agreed or not. So today I simply ask, my very dear friend, please give me and my country your analysis of the Syrian situation with respect to Putin and Rowhani as I'm fully aware of your unique working relationship within the Soviet block for the past three and half decades."

There was a silence, the kind that can exist between friends, then Tuscono spoke. "One has to remember history and know the subject matter within the time frame that something occurs; that is the problem with history and historians as it seems the 'time frame' and 'personal points of view' have a tendency to detract from the truth. You ask me a very complex question; and yet, with all of your intel my response to you will not be what you expect."

Levine raised his hand in mock surrender "I would not be here if we didn't believe your perspective to be relavant regardless of its outward rational."

Tuscono facing Ocean Drive watching waiters clearing late morning breakfast plates served on one of the many patio's, as the morning sun started to raise its level of warmth on his back, picked his words carefully knowing full well the impact that they were about to make. "Well, my friend, here is my response to your question and the analysis that will hopefully serve you as well as some of our clientele in the very near future years. TO BE CONTINUED WITH PART II - The End Game