Monday, October 10, 2005

Volume 12 - Great Politicians, News Personalities (alleged news reporters) and Leadership in the Great State of Ohio!

There aren't any!

Ok, maybe there are great politicians or, more appropriately, were great politicians, the majority certainly six feet under; but the 'news' people, other than being so far 'left' they're able to reverse screw themselves in the ground, have exceeded ridiculousness with their hatred of the President and utter starvation for the ratings chart in the reporting of Katrina and Rita. These natural catastrophes are a news item and a humanitarian cause with a huge recovery process and reconstruction effort. It is and was not a stage for auditioning and exaggeration to benefit TV ratings. There are soap operas giving better performances with even the WWF displaying more honesty. These on-sight news reporters even make 'ambulance chaser' attorneys look forthright looking for another grievous injury story. It wasn't a story about a lack of evacuations, transportation, food, water, poor police communications or protection, most of which is not a responsibility of FEMA to begin with; it was about a local and state government made up of incompetent individuals, who make a career off of governmental subsidy, utterly failing to act. It was a failure of a welfare ridden community waiting for a the government to bail them out. (Review Volume 10 - State and Local Politicians have responsibility and accountability in Katrina disaster - if you still desire more editorial opinions regarding these events, and associated responsibilities including the levels of government misdirected subsidized development over the years.)

But, before I leave my brief rant on politics, 'soap opera' newspeople, and welfare mentality, I certainly don't want to leave out my home state of Ohio without a word of disgust and nausea toward its governmental leaders. Talk about lack of accountability; these people aren't qualified to run for office in Louisiana!

Here in Ohio, the Bureau of unemployment compensation fund recently lost millions of dollars due to investments made in rare coins. Yet, they invested in coins, and lost. But, according to some Senators and our Governor, gambling will never be allowed in this state while bordering states employ thousands of people and bring millions to their local economies. It breeds a decaying nature according to the politicians. Interesting.

Did I also mention that Ohio is the dumping ground of the United States? One of the most imported trash dumping states in the Union, if not the top garbage state. Ever ask a State legislator of Ohio if he/she endorsed dumps? Guess how they respond? Yet, I live in the largest importer of dump refuse in the country. Do you think that 'tipping' fees and other monies have anything to do with that position. Interesting.

Let's review: Lost millions of our taxpayer dollars in 'coin' investment; but tote the Bible while condemning gaming. One of the states (maybe the largest) that takes everyone's shit by the truckload and rail car. Fees. Hello. Hypocritical bunk. Bureaucratic bunk.