Monday, November 27, 2006

Volume 27 - Welcome Nick Ingledue and Marty Nicholas

Two months have gone by since my last posting, I find the 'speed of time' to be very difficult to comprehend. I desire 'time' to 'stand still' as it seemed during my earlier years. As my granddaughter said to her mom late yesterday afternoon, "Mom, there's nothing to do; I'm bored." To which I thought, without speaking, the day will come that the hours, days, weeks, months and years, take on the 'speed of light' in which boredom is a meaningless word. One certainly learns, as time passes, to 'savor' the taste of each day in which there aren't 'good or bad' days, just 'days' that accomplishment is greater than the previous.

From my last insert, 'i.2 update', our world of Independence2, LLC has moved from a year and a half of preparation to the 'playing field'. Within the past month we've added two more founding members, Nick Ingledue, our 'logistics' member-partner and Marty Nicholas, our 'sales' member-partner. We are very fortunate to be able to acquire, as our partners, two more individuals who have our similar business philosophies, work ethics, and an understanding of the importance of the 'customer'. They are able to answer the most important question of 'what do customers really want'. They understand quality products, reliable services and what a fair value means to not only the customer but the company. They understand that most business problems stem from the fact that companies have failed to keep their 'eye on the ball', failed to listen to their customers, and failed to deliver on the basics.

We have three more slots to fill, manufacturer representatives evaluations, completion of some final vendor selections pertaining to marketing and software, some contractual matters to 'think through', as well as finalization of certain manufacturing partnership purchase agreements, and these are just the 'broad-strokes'. The 'devil' still remains in the 'details, many hours of preparation still exist.

It becomes very apparent that most decisions have to be made without having all the information, or facts; nevertheless, 'time' is of the essence. Decisions have to be made. My theory has always been that it is better to make a decision than not; for in the latter one is always wrong. I've worked for too many people that would spend hours finding fault with everyone's input, hours spent in phony analyzation for they never had the guts to make a decision and 'live' with the outcome. Only after a 'success' did 'they' attempt to jump in front of the line which, by the way, never surprised the employees.

Returning to the subject of the disappearance of time, during this two month 'blog' absence, I had the pleasure of traveling to China. My experience and adventure could easily make up the next dozen 'blogs'. There is no doubt that the world is 'flat', and certainly much smaller than you think. This past July, I wrote Volume - 24 'Gobalization' and couldn't have been more on target. 'Globalization' isn't a theory, it's 'live' and doing very well.