Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Volume 83 - Mystery - Fact or Fiction? Part 2 Conclusion: The End Game

...(continuance of conversation from Volume 82)..."your inquiry about the Syrian conflict and the relationship between Putin and Rowhani somewhat confuses me, my friend. Your question is very 'local' in nature and you well know that my response will be much more international in scope with greater implications; possibly, because you are so close to the 'tinder box' and can 'smell the flames' you ask such a simple question or is my 'sly foxe's inquiry something different entirely?"

Levine smiled, gestured with his hands as he always did when attempting to hide a certain facial recognition, then again requested the answered from the chief of GST, knowing full well the amount of intel that would support Tuscono's conclusions and theories. "Tony you know full well that I live and work in that 'tinderbox', as you so describe my country, as well as, like you my friend, having many alleyways in many cities to walk, so just consider me an old man who asks stupid questions."

Tuscono not commenting on Levine's response continued.

"Aristotle said 'We are what we repeatedly do' and so let us get a few simple conclusions off the table. You and I both know that Hassan Rowhani, as your Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, so aptly stated is a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. He like his predecessor are nothing but 'paper cutouts'. The difference is that Rowhani has mastered the art of perceptural 'friendliness' and is a 'media darling'. Dress him in a red and white suit, give him a few reindeer and you have 'Santa'; but recall, he was previously Iran's nuclear negotiation chief in charge of covering up his country's nuclear weapons program so don't underestimate 'Santa'.

Additionally in a few weeks, six nations, including most importantly Russia and China, negotiating with Iran will produce documents that will cost Iran nothing while loosening the Western sanctions based on the notion of negotiating a follow up deal. In other words, Iran pretends to play nice for six months, during which time it receives sanctions relief, the freeing of some frozen assets, and the release of an Iranian nuclear scientist, by the name of Atarodi, arrested in 2011,and next summer NATO will be back to late 2006, trying to cobble together support for sanctions all over again.

The point here being that the deal is already done, as we both know since the last conversations were 'loud and clear' from the meeting rooms in Oman to not only GST but the Masata, because of my invitation to listen" said Tuscono with a smile as he immediately continued, "as we know the winner is not only Iran but also China as their need for oil increases daily and the oil sanction is now eliminated. This has significance toward the real 'end game' for we know who brokered the deal and gave this 'chip' to China. As I continue with these incidences which you will soon realize are all connected just remember, my friend, there are no coincidences. However, Iran's radicalism and destruction of Israel is entirely another matter and will remain until you decide to rid them of their nuclear product because no one else will."

Levine rolled his eyes and stated,"Tony I'm fully aware of everything you've stated could we move on toward your conclusions?" Unfazed, Tuscono looked his friend directly in the eye and said "You asked, so listen and remember 'old' man" and repeated "there are no coincidences." Tuscono continued, "We now proceed to Syrian WMD and what could go down in history as the biggest single foreign policy error by the present U.S. Administration. Remember before the U.S. Government shutdown the war in Syria was all that was shown on our news networks, showing hundreds of deaths, thousands of homeless civilians, calls for support of the 'rebel' forces, even potential 'air strikes' against President Bashar Assad; then magically the war ended from the media perspective, the U.S. Government shutdown and our politics became 'local' with no perspective of what was happening in the Middle East."

Tuscono pauses as a group of photographers with camera, tripods, wires, multiple large black cases and three very tall and long legged multinational models approached and continue to walk by the seated two men on their way to a beach photo session for some product or calendar insert. The South Beach neighborhood of Ocean Drive, Collins, and South Beach Park was becoming more active as the warmth increased and a new sunny day was taking center stage. The historic Art Deco architecture increased its color dance as more and more sun reflected off of the colorful masonry. The sounds increased as if life was taking a large breath toward another magnificent soothing warm day at the beach.

With one more quick look at the statuette models disappearing onto the beach area, Tuscono continues, "but, also as you know, our intel told us that after three years of fighting in Syria the 'rebels' are different as now most are Al-Qaeda supported with manpower, money and arms. So, after all the procrastination, the two sides in this civil war are either controlled by Assad, backed by Russia, or Al-Qaeda, backed by Iran. In either case, Vladimir Putin holds all the cards and starts the final moves of his chess game with becoming the lead negotiator to settle the WMD question. And, the SA-125 Russian missiles that your warplanes attacked inside a Syrian stronghold didn't make page 40 so you see only a few more pieces to be put into place."

"Now, my patient Jew friend, for the information you don't know and have come to acquire; firstly within the next few weeks Putin will even be the honored guest of the new Pope. According to our inside man, Francesco DiGiuda, with the Corps of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, Guardia Svizzera Pontificia, notification was given to us at GST a month or so ago. Here is the new Pope, arguably one of the holiest and humble of all men without a clue what a 'photo op' will do for Putin; and, it wasn't as if he wasn't advised to by-pass such a visit but believes that it would be good for the Russian people. Naivety has no precognition. By the way, since I know you had an acquaintance with DiGiuda's father when he was part of the Palatine Guard before it was disbanded by in '70 by Paul VI, Francesco is now one of two Lieutenant Colonels."

Tuscono continues "the last piece of the puzzle before we get into the WHY and the End Game is the visit that Putin is planning as a state visit to Egypt in order to take advantage of frayed ties between Washington and Cairo thus resuming military ties with Egypt in light of this vacuum by Washington's decisions and fears of a return to the Cold War era rivalry. Well, guess what .... The rivalry started years ago when as a KGB intelligence officer the collapse of the soviet Union in 1991 Putin swore his revenge and started his masterful plan even as he technically retired from the KGB and become head of external relations in the latter part of 1991 for Anatoy Sobchak then on to Sobchak's first deputy mayor. Within seven short years having moved to Moscow was appointed deputy head of management under Boris Yeltsin and almost immediately moved to the head of Federal Security, an arm of the former KGB. In 1999 upon the resignation of Yeltsin, become the acting President. All the political steps managed with expert care even to the extent of manipulation around the term limits but always with his ultimate goal in full focus. Add a little luck and a possible Nobel Peace nomination and..."

Levine, as if waking from a dream, wide eyed and ready to speak as his brain just registered and tallied all the preceding facts stood and said "the Russians are rebuilding the Soviet Bloc!" "Correct, my friend" said Tuscono "and that is the 'Why'. Putin's desire is to rebuild the Soviet Union to be the number one power in the world. As you just added up all the facts that were in clear view from Iran to Syria to Egypt to China to the Pope. The sum total is a new and powerful world order raising like the phoenix from the ashes of disgrace."

Tuscono with a more forceful speech continued, " all financed by Putin's daily seizure of the Artic where other than the continental U.S. lays abundance of oil. His plan is to control all of the Artic oil to finance the taking back of the old Soviet Bloc including Ukrainia, Belorussia, Uzbek, Kazakhstan, Azerbaija, Lithuania, Moldavia, Latvia, Kirghiz, Tajik, Armenia, Turkmen, Estonia and Georgia, with Georgia being the first."

Levine's face was now telling the tale of age and question. Tuscono, deflecting the look, continued, "the money, the means, the political clout, and positive image, as a peace maker, are continually being put in place. Putin doesn't care about Iran, Syria, Egypt, the Pope nor even China, even thought the Chinese have a good idea of what is about to take place and have worries about Kazakhstan already moving manpower and structure to their Northwest border area, because Putin knows that no one will stop him after he invades and takes Georgia with the rest to follow. No one will stop him unless..."