Thursday, January 22, 2009

Volume 55 - We'll See...

The 'pomp and circumstance' is now over, and we, in the United States, have a new President. History has been marked accordingly, for Barack Obama is our first Black (African-American) President; well, 'half black' which obviously qualifies for Black. I'm not sure I've read all the rules about 'that qualification' but its simply not worth the argument - 30% chance of rain which means there is a 70% chance of it not raining, sort of thing.

Anyway, the election is over (finally) and the New President and his family (two beautiful kids & Grandma) have moved into the White House. On that point, referring to Grandma, he certainly has my support for he seems to understand the importance of 'Grandma's' and their importance to his children. And, secondly, he supports a Division I Football Playoff so, with me, he is still ahead of the game.

Number 43 has arrived in his home State of Texas to a grateful reception of Americans as opposed to the disgraceful 'booing' heard by 'the masses' in D.C. To 41 and 43 I say "thank you" for your years of service and, rest assured, history will record 'good things' about each; remembering that upon departure from office ALL Presidents had low ratings with President Truman having the lowest; yet, history has a remarkable way of 'telling the truth' without emotion nor prejudice.

To the new President, I wish only the best. Even though I did not vote for him, my support for him is total. May his accomplishments meet his oratory. May the 'love feast' equal results. May the elocution be translated into substance. May the ability 'to act' be as good as the delivery of speech. May Government be held (finally) to the standards that were recited. I can only hope and pray that everything I've every learned about economics - protectionism - the Far Liberal Left - Socialism (and a multitude of other subjects) were wrong; and that somehow the spending of Billions of dollars by the Government, nationalization of Banks, payments to Banks without accountability, freeing of those that sought to destroy us, mortgages made to people unqualified, balling out poorly run companies, all somehow will make us stronger and a better nation.

We have somehow over the decades forgot a great many basic truths, and simple truths. We've developed a school system that has 50% drop-out rates, yet we think that anyone can now become President. We forget that there is a Harvard Law Degree in that mix. We forget that there is time, energy and work involved in an education. We forget the Civics Class that was long ago on the school curriculum is now not mandatory. Only two out five of us can identify the three branches of government. Less than half of us know which nation dropped the atomic bomb. Only one-third of us know that the Congress, not the President, declares war. Only 30% of us know that members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms and only 25% of us know that Senators serve six-year terms. Most Americans continue to believe that the 9/11 terrorists came from poverty or were neglected as children despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. A generation ago presidential speeches were pitched at the level of twelfth graders; today, they are pitched at the level of seventh graders. Only 25% of us can name more than one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment but more than 50% of us can name two members of the Simpson family. So, just because there is a 'Black' President in the White House doesn't mean that everyone kid can become President because he/she simply 'wishes so.' It takes work and accountability, something again lost. Today we give out trophies to little league kids who are on losing teams for 'simple participation is enough.' We play all kids in all games because 'participation is enough.' Winning and the effort to win has been diminished with simple 'showing up' is enough. Ours has become a culture of entertainment and consumption dominated by television supported by a 'Liberalism' that diminishes learned principles of a work ethic.

And even though Jefferson and Madison believed that to build an enduring republic they would have to minimize the impact of religion on government and a republic therefore based on the separation of government and religion, I do hope that the new administration doesn't turn the Supreme Court much to the 'left' forgetting that basic Commandments of Life are engraved in that court. Forgetting that the Federal Buildings and Monuments in Washington D.C. have Bible verses etched in the stone. At the same time completing the balancing act from those strident and arrogant zealots who believe that they have a monopoly on morality and that God speaks directly and exclusively to them.

I'm not an organized religious person, but I also realize that spirituality exists. Spirituality isn't Christianity anymore than it is Judaism, Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism. Spiritual prayer is a necessity, and thus (I believe) that is why Congress begins with a prayer (God only knows they need much more than prayers). The founding fathers were spiritual men; nevertheless men that knew how to act when necessary. May we somehow never lose that ability to act.

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!