Sunday, April 22, 2007

Volume 34 - Virginia Tech

With the terrible tragedy that took place last week at Virginia Tech, one of our talented members, a former Virginian, Ms Bonnie Buchanan, Operations & Marketing Member-Partner, sets to pen her thoughts of that massacre. Thank you Bonnie for the permission to print your poem, and thank you for your passion and concern.

With Courage and Perseverance,
With Pride and Determination,
I can only watch and admire the strengths in young hearts,
As, I sit in silence a weeping witness and I morn the loss,
I do not morn the loss of anger, hate and violence,
I morn the loss of innocent lives just beginning,
I morn the loss of potential inventors, senators, mothers,
I morn the loss of the lines of lives saddened and shattered,
The lives which will never be…

I morn the loss of fellow Virginians,
A State in which I no longer live, but, which will forever be a part of me.

Do You remember, your college days,
Do You remember, exploring your own ways,
Do You remember all that you learned and tried,
Can You imagine if You had not lived, but died?

What in Your life, would You have missed out on?
Does Your list include triumphs and joys,
Does Your list include loves deep and true,
Does Your list include others, who forever influenced what makes You, You?

Take a moment, stop and breath,
Take a moment and enjoy the simple sight of a Tree,
Take a moment and listen to the laughs of Your children and friends,
Spend a heart beat or two for those who have passed,
Spend a brief moment in time and reflect on the losses of a Virginia Tech Class.

By: Bonnie L. Buchanan
April 17, 2007