Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Volume 90 - The Most Important National Election in the History of this Great Country

Sometimes it is just difficult to understand how we find ourselves in such harm’s way. Unfortunately it appears that there is still a majority of people  working under some kind of ‘Alice in Wonder Land’ illusion but this isn't Kansas and we better somehow crawl out of the rabbit hole and grasp the understanding of how important this National Election is to our salvation as a Nation, a Republic and a Democracy.   

This isn't about "Blue" and "Red"...it is about the ACTUAL survival of this country as a Republic and as a Nation. You have to understand and comprehend that within the next decade or two there will be no Israel nor an UAE nor a South Korea and the world will be thrown into turmoil never seen before.  The flight of refugees presently taken place into Europe is only a preview of coming attractions on the world scene.

But I’m jumping ahead of my point, so a closer view starting with our Great Country.  Economically there’s no question that our economy (as well as the world economy) has been shaky at best since the crash of ’08.  Yet, politicians and central banks regularly announce that “things are picking up.” And we, one year after another, witness the continued economic slump. Few dare call it a depression, but, if a depression can be defined as a period of time win which most people’s standard of living drops significantly, a depression it is regardless of the color of lipstick one paints on the pig, a pig it is. 

Why is it that our elected officials are surprised that no amount of stimulus and low interest rates has not resulted in creating more jobs or more productivity?  A few basic economic principles applied and one would understand that when debt reaches the level that it cannot be repaid, a major re-set of some sort must take place.  This is a systemic problem and cannot be “papered” over with printing presses.  There will be some combination of a major forgiveness of debt, a default, or an economic collapse taking place as we already see in various European economies.

Aside from Economics lets simply discuss values, attitudes, acceptance of consequences, simple concepts now void and distinct…..what has happened with simple concepts such as the ‘melody’ out of music, the ‘pride’ out of appearance, the ‘courtesy’ out of driving, the ‘romance’ out of love, the ‘responsibility’ out of parenthood, the ‘togetherness’ of friendship, the ‘learning’ out of education, the ‘service’ out of patriotism, the ‘Golden Rule’ from rulers, the ‘nativity’ scene out of cities, the ‘civility’ out of behavior, the ‘refinement’ out of language, the ‘dedication’ out of employment, the ‘ambition’ out of achievement, the ‘patience’ and ‘ tolerance’ from personal relationships and interactions from others?………..

The upcoming National General Election and the recent ‘debates’…….really?  Anyone with an IQ above a ‘head of lettuce’ must look at the recent MSNBC commentator’s attitude and subsequent questions and  shook their heads realizing that Marco Rubio’s response (in addition to Chris Christie and Ted Cruz) “I know the Democrats have the ultimate super Pac. It’s called the mainstream media.”……We are a people from ‘legal’ immigrants.  We are a people that understand that our success or failure is based on our ability not on the ‘Government.’….My success or failure is based on my ability or lack thereof…My responsibility is based on ‘ME’ not on the Government. Jobs are created by the Private Sector and not by the Government….It is time to for ‘Government’ to get the hell out of the way….It is time for Banks to be ‘Banks’ for small business and not the legalized ‘loan sharks’ that small business must go too to get funding………I don’t owe my neighbor anything other than my good wishes, my thoughts, my goodness NOT to be interpreted as equalization of wealth; for if this is the case, then there exist no incentive for anyone who takes risks with unknown results to make any decisions…..help small business but don’t get in the way with your pretentious advertising campaigns espousing your concern for the community…..

On a Global Scale, I’m not sure that we can reconstruct the destruction done over our past history but specifically over the past eight years.  This isn’t a question of whether we, as a nation, should have gone somewhere or not have gone somewhere but one of if that decision is made, via the Constitution and for the protection of our country, then we should have done it with resolve to win, to honor our commitments and to lead as we should lead and not to apologize for the greatness of our young country.  No wonder we can’t be trusted even by our Allies on the foreign scene.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Ben Franklin was asked if the delegates had formed a republic or a monarchy.  “A republic,” he responded, “if you can keep it.” 

To that end, as a warning for future generations to beware of “cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men,” George Washington wrote, “A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position.”

Daniel Webster wrote, “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority.  It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the People against the dangers of good intentions.  There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern.  They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”

John Adams cautioned, “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”