Sunday, February 24, 2008

Volume 44 - Congress and Major League Baseball

What the hell is Congress doing investigating whether Roger Clemens is telling the truth or if a known drug dealing ex-cop, Brian McNamee, has now decided to become a truthful witness? This TV media show, also known as a Congressional hearing, reminded me of a scene in the Godfather, where a Congressional committee was hearing testimony from a known racketeer, with the same results!

This circus media show involving Congress and a 'known celebrity' started before Martha Stewart, but it now seems 'standard operating procedure' not to solve a crime but to find someone who has lied to a federal investigator. Defined by Webster, a "lie is an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with intent to deceive." Talk about having the 'Fox in the Hen' house; why don't we just add a couple 'used car salesmen' to the committee, convene daily during the 'Soaps' or maybe Jerry Springer's Show, sell advertising and at least make it a profitable venture!

If Congress had any balls (no baseball pun intended), they could 'clean up' baseball in less than it would take to play 'one inning.' Simply, tell the owners to solve the (drug) problem or they (Congress) would repel the Anti-Trust favoritism shown to Major League Baseball, with a time limit of one year. After delivering this message, Congress could go back doing whatever other nonsense they do; for it is probably too much to ask for proper legislation concerning issues as Immigration, Health Care, Social Security, Taxes, Education, etc. let alone solving the problems of the FDA, FAA and Homeland Security; unfortunately, it just has become to easy to blame the President.

Baseball is 'Entertainment' as is all major sport. At the rate we're going, next week's program scheduling might even have the New England Patriots, and the adventures of 'Spygate.' I read that there are even scheduled hearings on thoroughbred race horses and the use of steroids! If 'entertainment' is the focus of Congress, I can't wait for the Music Industry to talk about their HDH and steroid use; or maybe even their coke, H, or meth use; look out Soaps!

The NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, PGA, NHL, etc. is Entertainment. If anyone is still naive enough to think that these people, professional athletes, are anything other than entertainers, god forbid the concept of 'heroes', who should be controlled by their respective leagues and owners, then Santa and the Easter Bunny are well secured in mythological history.