Friday, March 30, 2007

Volume 33 - i.2 Series Launch from Independence2, LLC

After two years of research and dedication, the private labeled architectural hardware company, Independence2, LLC, launches the product line of i.2 series for the commercial construction market. This launch represents further credibility for this start up company that has developed specially designed and innovative products with specifically targeted revenue streams within this fragmented market entailing the commercial construction arena.

Independence2, LLC with it's i.2 (trademarked) series of products has all the ingredients not only to be a successful enterprise, but to make a 'mark of difference' within this 'top-dog - bottom feeder' industry. That's because this company is being created on a strong financial foundation within a professional infrastructure and atmosphere, an outstanding marketing plan with a foundation of 'respect for the customer' in an industry not noted for customer responsiveness nor innovation, but only one of 'giant pigs among cheap imitation'.

The hope is, and in fact the outlook is bright, that we can fill revenue slots that make the stocking distributor the focal point within those several revenue streams. Unlike our competition, we respect the customer (stocking distributor) and have individual track records that prove that point. We don't sell to 'Big Box' houses like our competition, whether using their name or under some concocted name with a hidden agenda. We don't sell to manufacturers under one name and then attempt to sell through distribution. Our revenue streams are highly defined and bring our stocking distributors through to the 'end user'. We understand and comprehend the term 'globalization'. We don't hide under some phony pretense, we bring only honesty and integrity to the marketplace.

In a market and industry where products and business are all too undifferentiated, even boring, successful branding and associations can have a significant impact on not only our profit margins but also our stocking customer's profit margins. When was the last time one of your suppliers provided you with an opportunity? With us, just check our website,, to view our latest project in which we brought distribution through to accommodate a high visibility project. Our branded products not only promises reliability and consistency for its intended purpose and application, but are backed by our word; not some slogan or meaningless number.

We believe that the customers, our stocking distributors, want a supplier with with a 'soul' and a 'character'; they want personality and not an unfamiliar voice. We have taken years to launch for we know that this is a very time consuming and expensive effort. It cost money to communicate the values our brand conveys; it is an evolutionary process. We have discovered that this undertaking is not a static undertaking but rather a dynamic activity that requires constant attention to detail. We know that successful product branding is more then just the sum of its logo and name; it is the intrinsic values that not only the brand but the company conveys and believes in that counts. It is the values and benefits that the distributor remembers, not only the functional purpose, but the 'ease of doing business'. Our series of products, i.2, is an emotional brand that evokes strong emotional feelings just like all its members. Contrary to conventional wisdom, 'emotion' and 'passion' does count.

As with all businesses and products, when all the facades are stripped away, the ultimate question is where do the customers, within this supply chain, get the best deal? We at Independence2, LLC with our 1.2 series of products believe that it is imperative to have an equitable system that promises, and guarantees, the best pricing across the entire spectrum of product line thereby balancing single product companies, the 'bottom-feeders', and the controlling forces of the 'giant pigs'. It is this pricing spectrum mixed with our brand specific knowledge and our proprietary knowledge that is the differential factor. Our ability to define 'relationship' that is mutually enhanced with our stocking distribution not only within the confines of the States, but (hopefully) internationally. Our value isn't in the price of a hinge, but in that total spectrum of not only product, but providing service with style and substance.

Our goal is now to develop this recognition and image and thus the clear discernible identity to balance with our strategic direction. Our true value position will be defined in the years to come as a company that redefined industry standards and norms. And although will we always be service oriented, as my personal history clearly shows, as well as product driven with constant Research and Development, we will move toward a 'ease of doing business' unheard of within this industry.