Friday, September 05, 2008

Volume 51 - A Potential Female Vice-President

I would never have guessed that I would be writing this piece fully admitting that the changes of me ever voting for a female for one of the two highest offices in this country were slim to none!

But up to two weeks ago that was true. The selection of Sarah Palin has now changed that scenario, for now there is actually an opportunity to vote for a true conservative that speaks and acts on what she believes no matter the response from the 'elite' press and political operatives that actually think they run this country or speak for Main-Stream America.

Go Girl!

Having stated the above, this entire 'selection process' and its abhorred reaction deserve just a few commits/questions: How is it that the 'Media' demands total accessibility to the selection process? How, in fact, does the 'Media' demand anything; isn't their job to simply report the news? Who the hell cares whether some reporter from the NY Times or Washington Post needs to put their approval on any candidate? And, how is it that theses same reporters refuse to not only have 'no limits' to their absolutely rude and ingenuous questions but also refuse to ask the 'other party,' and more so, in particular, to 'Men' the same type demeaning and sexist questions? How is it that Sarah Palin's husband's DUI of twenty years ago is relevant when Obama's 'coke' use isn't relevant? How is it that Gore's son's DUI was of no consequence but Palin's daughter's pregnancy is of major importance? How is it that Palin's degree from a non-Ivy League school is of importance because it is not an Ivy League degree? How is it that Palin's so-called inexperience is a 'monumental factor' when neither Obama nor Biden have ever 'run' anything other than their 'mouth' and have sat in Congress for up to thirty years acquiring a 14% approval rate when Governor Palin has a 83% approval rate? The questions are never ending as the 'Liberals' show their distaste and disrespect for all that is not stamped with their mark of bigotry and bias.

But more importantly, and actually more tragically is the fact that the so-called 'Glass Ceiling' is not, nor has it ever been, protected and guarded by men; but rather - and here is the tragedy - IT IS PROTECTED AND GUARDED BY WOMAN! Woman have not progressed in the workplace or in other endeavors equal to men not because of men, but because the majority of women are, unfortunately, unable to work and judge without pettiness and jealously seeping through their pores with regards to their other 'sisters.' We are seeing it today with reference to Sarah Palin, with female bashing by females. Incredible.

Here we have a bright, intelligent, seasoned politician, conservative, pro-life, Governor of the Great State of Alaska who has demonstrated within a two year term of Governor that reform is possible for the benefit of people without big government and YET the biggest criticism is from FEMALES, and in particular FEMALE reports of the elite media. Well ladies, here is an opportunity for the ages. The ball (or balls) is in your court. Lets see if you really want to break the 'Glass' ceiling.

Thank God for women the stature of Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin