Tuesday, September 03, 2013


As of 12:30 p.m. EST we have not as yet embarked on another war as the 'leaders' of our great nation forces us to become the 'policemen' of the universe. However, now with House Speaker John Boenmer support, the President will certainly stike against the present Syrian regime under some type of 'humanitarian argument' but please don't attempt to sell us again the American Security argument as we've been sold that product under the disquise of the 'domino theory' to WMD.

Lets face the ugly fact that the Twin Towers would still be standing if some federal authorities had gotten off their collective 'fat asses' and acted upon all available intel but failed, thus allowing a few radical Muslum underachievers to 'show off' to the world and kill 3,000 U.S. citiizens. We refuse to understand history and have no understanding whatsoever of the Middle East or Asia, countries with five thousand years of history, and yet continue to refuse to protect the borders of this great country.

It is time to return to a foreign policy that puts America's security first and no one has yet to prove (again) that this intervention into Syria's civil war is a security threat to America. Defending our nation is the federal government's most importand duty, not humanitarian responses to countries that hate us. If our National Security is, in fact, at risk then get a Declaration of War from Congress, Go fight it, Win it and get it Over with (unlike Korea,Vietnam, Iraq and Afcanistan).

I have deep feelings for all the millions of innocent people within the Middle East who have suffered at the hands of their tyrannical leadership over their thousands of years of history. I sincerely hope that there exists a special place in Hell for these tyrannical bastards that kill innocent women and children but they are not our responsibility. The people that live, work and struggle as legitimate U.S. citizens are our responsibility and its about time that we take care of ourselves and enforce the laws of this country within our country rather then spending hundreds of billions of dollars in and for countries that burn our flag and call for our distruction. We have over 900 military installations in over 150 countries and our National Security has been compromised because our troops are spread all over the universe and we can't protect even our own borders, and going broke attempting to be the world's policeman.

(Back to Syria for a moment and the forthcoming decision to attack)...the very reason that I'm a Constitutional Conservative with a Liberatarian slant is because today it doesn't matter if you're a Republican or Democrat; its all the same, its WHO IS IN OFFICE that makes the rule. Don't understand? Ok........here's a quote from now Vice President Joe Biden in 2007 "The president has no constittional authority...to take this nation to war...unless we're attacked or unless there is proof we are about to be attacked. And if he does, I would move to impeach him." Enough said!