Thursday, August 01, 2013

Volume 77 (The Sabatical is over) Why is a generation of workforce/students a disappointment?

WOW! It's now been over two and half years since my last post. Amazing what happens over that period of time with the bigger question 'simply why write again'? What does one have to say that is so damn important as to write it down? The truth of the matter is 'nothing' and 'I don't know'. It's just therapy; a formulation of thoughts put to pen. So, after a couple of years the 'sabbatical is over; let's just jump!

To some this would be a most unusual question, since today we are under the impression that our 'kids' (last two generations actually) are the 'best and brightest.' They have grown up a digital society and can instinctively use, program, solve all types of electronic gadgetry. It isn't only the advancement of the digital age, our 'kids' now speak plainly of diversity of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. Our liberal sense of thinking gives us the illusion that we are advancing into higher and higher arenas of intellect and promise. Yet, we are sadly mistaken. Our present generation of workforce is far unqualified for such lofty thoughts of promise. Not only is our present generation a failure, the next generations could be worse.

Granted our 'kids' are wizards with the new electronic gadgets that hit the market everyday. Not only can these 'kids' buzz through multiple stages of the most complex computer games with hand-eye abilities never dreamed of, they are the most 'open-minded' generation to exist and can carry those discussions of diversity to certain limits of acceptance. Nevertheless, that is where the abilities stop and possibly where the problems start.

You see it is my theory that although all of the above is true especially when discussing certain abilities and discussions, there exists however no true diversity of opinion, multiple ideological perspectives, creative thinking and decision making skills. Our last two generations endless sensitivity to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and entitlements outstretches the desire or process for the development of innovative solutions to our problems be it national or local in nature; thus, we have processes upon process upon discussions never ending and no results.

Today's opinions, that do exist, come from genius marketers, advertising gurus, media experts and 'pitchmen' that make the 'snake oil doctor' look infantile. Their thought processes are influenced by instantaneous messaging, political correctness and entitlement (yes, using that word again) without any perspective of history and creativity solely based on a click of a device not a 'click' of brain thought prowess.

Is this because our educational system is less than adequate? Is it because we as educational students don't even rank in the the top twenty nations of the world in math and science? Is it because our workforce/students have no basis of history, even modern American history? Is it because we, as a nation, are so politically correct yet so ignorant of other countries and people (other than what our Media presents as fact)? I haven't any idea, just an old man writing for therapy.

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