Saturday, June 25, 2005

Volume 6 - Independence2 update with the Operations & Marketing Member's remarks

As you know, if you've been reading my blog or getting our newsletter, we've been working on the building blocks of putting together a new start-up international architectural door hardware company. Along with the effort of finding great people, (who presently are working with other companies, but have dedicated precious time and energy for this plan to be part of their future lives as they will all be percentage owners in this venture), quality products, internal systems, equity and debt financing, etc., it just takes time to do it right. Hence, we have not just thrown together a fly-by-night company, instead, we are taking the time to build a long lasting organization.

Our Operations and Marketing Member, Ms. Bonnie Buchanan, has spent exhaustive hours with software experts implementing an internal business structure integrated to ensure real-time deliverable results on our door hardware products and to establish a superior "ease of doing business" with us customer experience, that supports and enhances our first core company value, which is, our customers are the focal point of our business. In our recent newsletter, I have asked Ms. Buchanan to include a few words, to our perspective customers, on the topic of our Organization and its technology, so I'm including those remarks in this addition of my blog. Ms. Buchanan has also recently been published in the June 2005, edition of and a copy of her article, "Have CRM Vendors Ever Heard of Customer-Centricity?". You can view her article by clicking HERE.

"First, let me say, "Hello", to you all and I hope to one day meet each and every one of you in person. My experiences within your industry have shown me that it contains many, what us Southerners would term "good people", along with a wonderful network of long-term business relationships that make up the nexus of your industry. It is because of the character of the individuals, I have met so far, that I truly look forward to developing long-term business relationships with each of you, as time allows us to get to know each other better. In addition, I want to thank you for the warm reception I have received from those of you within the industry that I have thus far had the pleasure of meeting. Ron asked me to include a few words to you in this volume of our Newsletter about our technological structure and our current system implementations, so pardon any 'geek speak' and here goes:

On the Operations side, we are implementing an Enterprise wide solution that ties together all business processes and every aspect of how we "touch" our Customers. This is being accomplished through the integration of Voice over IP - VolP (a telecommunications protocol), back-end office applications (financial applications, etc.) tied into our Customer Management Relations (CRM) system, which handles our Customer records and integrates them with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Inventory Tracking solution to provide up-to-date, Real-Time, critical information to you, our Customers. Through this up-to-date technology and our on-going Customer Satisfaction focus, we are determined to accomplish our goal of providing to you, our Customers, the best and most superior Customer experience, possible. We hope that through the coming months you will be intrigued and hopefully, pleasantly surprised at the scope of just how serious we are about how valuable you are to us, not just from a one time product sale perspective, but as our business partner, with whom, we are determined to share success and enhance each of our organizations.

On the Marketing side, our goal is to provide you with an on-going customer focus, so particularly during this time of development and new implementation, you may be asked to provide feedback in the form of a quick couple of answers on a rather painless survey. We ask that you bare with us and keep in mind, that we ask this time of you, only because we highly value your opinions and experience. We want to make sure that you are happy and to accomplish that goal, we want to know in advance, not only what makes you unhappy, but also, how we can enhance our services to you, so that in turn you can better serve your own Customers. Who better is there to ask vital questions about how to make you happy and how our organization can help you increase your sales and service, than you? Maybe we can build into our structure and services, items or areas of interest to you or your customers that we have yet to consider, obviously, we would not know if we did not bother to ask. We are here for you, and because of you and for that reason, we at Independence2, LLC vow never to forget that fact. I invite you to contact me directly at my e-mail address by clicking HERE with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have. Thank you for your time, your interest, and hopefully, your individual support as we move forward in this endeavor.” - Sincerely Bonnie L. Buchanan

Until the next edition of my 2 am talk radio show with further updates on our start up company and opinions on various subjects, hug a friend and stand up for what you believe in.

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