Sunday, June 05, 2005

Volume 4 - Let's Get A Book Deal, Building block business update on the new start-up venture

What a liberal phony world we have developed into with calls of prisoner abuse, wrongly fabricated and disseminated media stories concerning destruction of the Koran, causing riots and deaths, and now the liberal Woodward and Fatso Bernstein writing a new book, profiting again monetarily with the White House of Nixon and Deep Throat Felt, who should be charged for leaking information in a criminal process but, being only second in charge of the FBI, he wouldn’t know of job responsibilities and duty. Maybe there is still room on Kerry’s bus tour, so that the liberal biased media personalities can join the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen and the Viet Cong’s favorite spoksperson, Jane Fonda, paint peace signs on their face, foster another Black Panther Group or audition for the CBS nightly news.

Building block business update on the new start- up venture, Independence2

It’s been slightly over two months since we’ve put out our first newsletter to the best customer base ever abused by manufacturers. Newsletter II will be hitting the customer base shortly starting off with a quote, “Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Unknown author, quoted in memory of my friend, Tom Maxwell.

This latest newsletter addition will continue bringing a (really) great bunch of customers up to date on our project and give them another ‘peek under the tent’ on the progress of our organization created from the ground up with the distributor as the focal point of every block we lay in this foundation. That’s correct. Can you believe it! The customer is actually the focal point of this business. What a concept!

We’re not waving flags, preaching loyalty or offering programs that are more marketing than substance, nor are we telling the customer what they should make on their margins, their return on investment nor are we going to sell or through our own ‘retail group’ nor to the ‘big box’ stores as other manufacturer/suppliers do in our industry. I love the simplicity of serving the stocking distributor within our industry. They are the mainstay of this industry and they are the vital link that serves the end user, and for that, we, Independence2, respect the distribution channel. ‘Respect’ the distribution channel. ‘Respect’ the audience. ‘Respect’ the people who buy your newspapers, watch your newscasts, buy your CDs and don’t belittle them with your holier than thou bullshit.

In reference our ‘sourcing’ section (of products) we have come across some very high quality hardware products ranging from a superior Grade 1 lock, two different types of Grade 2 Cylindrical Levers and Knobs, Grade 2 Tubular Knobs and Lever Locks all with ANSI/BHMA certification, along with some great value in Closers, Deadbolts, Exit Devices, Hinges, all offering a variety of finishes.

Other sample products, including Biometric Locks, designed for independent distributors to compete with the large manufacturer who sells that line through their own ‘retail group’. These samples are arriving on a weekly basis, along with their documented testing results and other applicable industry standard certifications. Biometrics, although the fastest growing area within our industry, it hasn’t as yet lived up to the expectations of many people. I happen to believe that it is only a matter of time when this specialty product is a common construction type of hardware used by everyone in some fashion.

On my next blog session, I’ll steal some quotes from our Operations and Marketing Member concerning the internal processes that are about to be brought on board to ensure that the customer is and remains the focal point of this company. She has spent exhaustive hours working with software experts, implementing an internal business structure integrated to ensure real-time deliverable results on our products and to establish a superior ‘ease of doing business’ with us that supports and enhances our first core company value, (as stated above but can never be overstated), that our customers are the focal point of our business.

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