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VOLUME 97: Francesco DiGiuda – Part II – Recovery Attempt of Italian Mystery segment


(Previous ‘Tuscono’ excerpts in Volumes 82, 83, 84, 88 and 95)


…eleven hours later after departing from Shanghai Jay Hymon and his HRT lands at Leonardo Da Vinci International airport and is met by Captain Maria Delgros and a squad from the Gendarmerie Corps.


…nine hours later after departing from Miami, Maggie, Chester, Nagle, and Tuscono in an unmarked GST aircraft land at the Ciampino Airport outside of Rome and are met by a selected squad of the Gendarmerie Corps Intelligence unit.


…seven hours later after departing from Miami, the ‘Red’ and ‘Duffmaster’, in a private Cessna Citation CJ3 aircraft leased from the JetCraft Company used occasionally by GST when manifests are public knowledge (sent to NFTA on a daily basis) and used when secrecy isn’t the objective by-passes the assigned Eel Bajio Airport, Leon/Guanajuato located about an hour and fifteen minutes from San Miquel de Allende, Mexico and instead land on a dirt runway just outside San Miquel surprising  them as they unexpectedly bounce to a stop and are met not by Ria, the Masada asset, but Skyler Monique Salazar-Luconi herself and four off road vehicles each armed with four men holding automatic weapons.


The time difference sequence shows Rome, Italy is seven hours ahead of San Miquel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.  Jonathon (tech wiz) is back in HQ working twenty-four hours directly connected to all three ventures.  It is now 7:45 PM Wednesday, in Rome and 1:45 PM Wednesday, in San Miquel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.  The landing on the dirt runway wasn’t the scheduled landing location and right from the start of this mission a critical problem became present and realized not only by Jonathon but also by the ‘Duffmaster’ and the ‘Red’ as they simultaneously say “What the Fuck!” as the plane hits extremely hard on the dirt runway all listened into by Jonathon.


“Doesn’t look like the airport at San Miquel ‘Red..’, “What do you think?” continued ‘Duffmaster’ as the plane rolled to a stop and out their side windows they could see armed four-wheeled drive vehicles. “This isn’t Kansas Toto” replied the ‘Red’.  The pilot open the one exit as the ‘Red’ grabbed the pilot to find out what was going on and the only reply as the pilot pulled a weapon was “ para salir” (move out) exit the plane.  Both the ‘Duffmaster’ and the ‘Red’ followed by the pilot descend down the steps of the plane to be greeted by Skyler Monique Salazar-Luconi and her armed personnel.


“Welcome to my country gentlemen” as Skylar extends her hand and at the same time pulls her FN57 and fires a 5.7 x 28mm cartridge between the pilots eyes with blood, brains and skull fragments splattered on the plane directly over the shoulders of ‘Duffmaster’ and the ‘Red.’  Without a second of hesitation, Skyler states “Relax, if I wanted you two dead you wouldn’t have made it off the plane.  The pilot was a ‘snitch’ and besides I needed a new plane, so please tell Mr. Tuscono I appreciate the plane even though I’m sure it wasn’t in his plans,” said with a smile on her face. “…And now, please accompany me to my hacienda so that we can have dinner and talk.  But first allow my men to check for any weapons and telecommunication devices that you might be wearing.” The ‘Red’ and ‘Duffmaster’ are silent as they follow directions and after cleared of equipment are separated and enter two of the off-road vehicles and follow behind the vehicle with Skyler. Within a half hour all vehicles arrive at a mountain hacienda.


Jonathon, back at HQ, hearing this conversation as well as the muted silencer shot then complete silence he attempts to relate this to Tuscono.  Still in the air with an hour to landing at Ciampino Airport (Rome), Tony listens to the recorded conversation supplied by Jonathon of the San Miquel de Allende, Mexico critical crises.  He thanks Jonathon and asks him to find Levine and have Levine call him on a secured line while still in flight.


Tuscono hangs up and looks at Maggie, Chester and Nagle then replays the recorded conversation concerning the ‘Duffmaster’ and the ‘Red’.  Before anyone comments, Tuscono’s phone lights again with Levine on the line.  With no greeting and a grizzly type tone, Tuscono starts with “What the fuck is going on with your asset ‘Ria?’…not waiting for a response, he continues, “I have two of my men now taken by Salazar-Luconi and apparently a dead pilot and a confiscated aircraft.”


“Hold on Tony. Settle down,” replied Levine. “My asset, Ria, uses Salazar-Luconi for information the same way all of us have used major organized crime figures throughout history for information even if it was to assist elimination of their competitors just as your guy ‘Duffmaster’ handled Whitey Bulger. So settle the fuck down and I didn’t know until a few minutes ago that the pilot was killed and the plane confiscated but I was also told that your men are safe and will be given information that might pertain to Rome.”


Tuscono simply rolled his eyes and took a deep breath and then replied, “My men’s lives rest with you,” and then disconnected the call. Nagle was the first to speak as Maggie and Chester sat with astonishment on their faces. “That’s it? You simply hung up? What about ‘Duffmaster’ and the ‘Red’? What are we going to do to get them out safely?” Nagle rattled off these repetitive questions without allowing Tony to answer.


The silence in the aircraft was deafening. It seemed like hours but only minutes before Tony responded. “There is nothing more important than the lives of every person that works for our very special company including the work that we do.  We are forty three thousand feet in the air as well as our special HRT unit which is also in the air.  Yes, we have team three that could be deplored in a rescue mission but I’ve known and work with that old man (Levine) for years in one capacity or another.  He has never lied to me and has never let me go down the wrong road with his guidance.  He stated that our men are safe and possibly will be given something that might help us.  Leave it be and concentrate on this mission. Period.


Tuscono then asked if Jonathon was still hooked up and copied everything that was just said as well as Levine’s call to which he got “affirmative.”  He then told Jonathon to contact Jay and the HRT and reinforce that the team is to meet with Captain Maria Delgros and her special Gendarmerie Corp and that they have the go ahead to do whatever is necessary to rescue Stephenson but more importantly to capture and interrogate the kidnappers by whatever means are necessary.  In the meantime, call Levine back and request up to date information on our men in Mexico as well as any unusual travel in and out of the Vatican City especially the video on entrances/exits that aren’t open to the public.


Meanwhile back at the Hacienda, a sprawling villa 45 miles in the mountain area southwest of San Miguel de Allende designed in a traditional Spanish style with stone walls surrounding the residence. The vehicle caravan holding Tuscono’s men enter through a covered stone archway cut into the stone walls with armed men both on top as well as on each side. Upon entrance through the archway there is a large fountain in the center of the courtyard.  The front entrance to the Hacienda is through 10 foot antique wood doors revealing hand painted walls, extensive stenciling, seeded-glass lanterns and a variety of other authentic details throughout the main floor of this 9,000 square feet Hacienda.


“My men will escort you to a large bedroom with a very nice shower and clean clothes, so please take your time and join me in our dining room for a wonderful Mexican Fiesta and some very serious discussions,” as Skylar then turned and went into another part of the residence. With the escort of four armed guards, the ‘Red’ and ‘Duffmaster’ walk to a separate room.  Inside a very large luxurious bedroom with a joining master bath hang new clothes in the large wall closet.


“Ok partner”, the ‘Red’ speaks, “did we get a full briefing about this lady and I just wasn’t fuckn paying attention or did we simply get sent on a wild strange goose chase and got setup by someone?” Instead of his normal smart ass reply, ‘Duffmaster’ with a serious look said “sometime ago I was told a story about this lady and Tuscono but discounted it as simply another exaggerated tale about our company. The only briefing was that ten minute call we were called into which Levine was telling us about the incident that happened in the 80’s or 90’s about the hierarchy of the Church in Rome and some Cardinal or someone who stole a lot of money.” He continued, “And by the way notice that the clothes hanging for us not only has our names on them but the sizes are exactly correct.  I don’t think that we are necessarily in danger but we will have a lot to learn and then, no doubt, we’ll be instructed to do something.”


Half hour later, there is a knock at the door and immediately opened by armed escorts.  Both men dressed in clean clothes are led to the grand dining room.  As they enter the massive cathedral ceiling room with art recognizable by the ‘Red’ ranging from Matisse to Monet, they are again greeted by Skylar Monique Salazar-Luconi.  “Gentlemen please sit and enjoy a Mexican Fiesta prepared for you.  During our meal I will do my best to explain my part in this mystery. Enjoy, please.”


The meal was a variety of Mexican staples as Pork Caritas, Warmed Tortillas, Marinated Chicken for tacos, Butter Chicken, Mexican Shredded Chicken, Camarones a la Diablo, Carne Asada, Fish Tacos and Prawn Tacos along with all side options as Pico de Gallo, Queso Dip, Mexican Corn Salad, Avocado Corn Salad, Authentic Guacamole, Refried Beans, Pickled Red Cabbage, Shredded Cheeses, a variety of Hot Sauces and Sliced Jalapeno.


With hesitation but hungry both the ‘Red’ and ‘Duffmaster’ decide better to eat and listen to the story laid out by their captive.  Skylar starts to give her side of the story…”When I was a much younger and foolish girl I had gotten pregnant and was cast aside by my family who saw this as an insult to their religion and upbringing as parents.  I was impoverished with nowhere to go; so, I just started to walk.  Many miles and many days I arrived at a rear door of 17th century church called Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, known for its soaring pink spires & lofty, ornate sanctuary, tired, hungry and afraid.  The door was locked so I sat and cried that day never to forget.  The door opened and this young Jesuit priest sat down next to me and held me.  Three months later my son was born.  My life as well as my son’s safety who is now a Jesuit priest under a different name was due to this Jesuit priest, known to you as Pope Francis.  His name at that time was Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  A few years later, he got transferred as the Rector of the Colegio de San Jose and took me with him as his personal administrative assistant.”


She continued, “South America in particular Buenos Aires, Argentina beginning with World War II has been a haven for people seeking refuge from tyrants and dictators to war criminals seeking asylum.  In my early years within the protection of Father Bergoglio I learn many things but the most important is that ‘Everyone is corruptible either through direct consent or ideological belief’ from government officials to Church officials.  It was a difficult time for Father Bergoglio in many ways but he never wavered and discussed all things with me.  And the point of my story relates back to that time.  Over the years during and after World War II and way before my time (She smiled and flashed her blue eyes) during this exit of thousands of people many with ties to Vatican associated groups walked through the halls of my church.  Some good and some not so good.  It has been reported that large amounts of gold bullion was taken from the Vatican and funneled through certain individuals and even churches is South America.  What was never reported however was the many artifacts and paintings taken from the Vatican along with the gold taken by the same people who had responsibility in the murder of Pope Paul I. (The ‘Red’ at this point was thoroughly stuffing himself with all the variety of food while the ‘Duffmaster’ was looking for his normal fair of cheeseburger and fries).  


Michele Sindona was the link between the South America and the corrupted individuals within the Church.  Sindona was the consultant voice to the Vatican Bank during his years in Rome.  The gold bullion nor the artifacts have ever been recovered according to most sources,” again Skylar smiled but this time with an evil look.  Taking a sip of water, she continued, “I was introduced to Sindona and overheard much conversation taking place within the Church confine with other priests but never in the company of Father Bergoglio.  I made a phone call to a private number given to me by Father Bergoglio to be used only upon imminent danger or with such knowledge that would assist the good people within the Vatican.  Sindona was quickly and quietly disappeared and I subsequently learned that he died in an Italian prison before his trial.  I was a grown woman at that time and it was time for me to leave.  To leave not only my refuge but the Church itself that was being overwhelmed with corruption.  I learned rapidly that crime does pay and married the man that made me pregnant although he never knew of our son.  This man, Jose Sinaloa, ran the Sinaloa Cartel.  The day that he was killed, I took over control and have grown this organization into the most profitable and ruthless cartel in the world” another pause and then, “now to the point of my story:”


“As I have stated, the Holy Father saved me and my son and for that act of kindness the missing unreported artifacts and priceless paintings are sitting in a Van outside ready for you to drive the 500 mile trip Brownsville, Texas with my protective escort.  Your communications and weapons are already in the Van. The gold bullion that was swindled from the IOR, Istituto per lo Opere di Religione, by Michele Sindona and his clergy supervisor Cardinal Vincenzo Depioro is our charge for doing business.   Secondly, you must communicate with Tuscono and advise that the Pope is in grave danger.  The plot to kill the Pope initiated with the same Church hierarchy and some of the various secret societies same as those that killed John Paul I.  Charges against Cardinal Vincenzo Depioro were brought by Francesco (Mr. Tuscono’s friend) but never pursued by the Church.  The Cardinal’s connection to not only some of the secret societies as well as the Bulgarian nationals is simply the tip of the crime syndicate within the Vatican and the Vatican Bank. The kidnappings that are in progress as we speak for the most part were designed as diversion from the main goal other than the disappearance of Francesco DiGiuda which could be simply vindicative action taken together with the total plan of killing the Holy Father.  You must convey everything that I have stated to Tuscono so that this vile plan can be stopped.  I might control significant parts of Mexico but I don’t reach across the world as yet,” said with a smile.


The ‘Red’ and ‘Duffmaster’ with full operating communications through Jonathon’s technical wizardry the story is related with detail to both aircraft that have landed in Rome containing Tuscono’s command group having landed in the Ciampino Airport and Jay Hymon’s HRT team at the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport meeting with Captain Delgros and the Gendarmerie Corps………..  






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