Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Volume 92 - Kelly

On November 1, 2016 our daughter Kelly passed away

In my 7 plus decades of living and experiencing life, both good and bad, I was never prepared to live through my daughters nightmare of fourteen plus months of incurable cancer.  It has taken me four months even to attempt to write about this horrible passing.  Having seen death before as a civilian and also as a former law enforcement officer nothing hits the limit as does your daughter's death.

 I wonder why there is a word for children who lost parents, but not for parents who have suffered the greatest loss of all.  I wonder why at age 47 an incurable type of cancer is diagnosed.  I wonder why it took so long for her to see a doctor.  I now understand that when a father walks his daughter down the isle and gives her arm to her husband the meaning is more than just symbolic.

For those that have lost a child, I fully understand how everyday forward is a day without.

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