Monday, September 13, 2010

Volume 73 - Health Care Bill -Enough!

As I stated in Volume 72, I've run out of the patience to dig through this piece of Bureaucratic Bullshit legislation, even if it's simply delivering the translation by way of our International Law Firm.

But it just 'pisses me off' that we Americans told our lawmakers in Washington that we wanted 'reforms' that would LOWER costs; that we wanted to insure those social programs that made sense, such as protecting Medicare; that we wanted to keep the health plans that we had but wanted reform to the prescription side of the equation as well as some 'common sense' applied to the coverages offered protecting us from the giant Health Care Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies taking advantage of us both from a extreme profit standpoint and exclusionary standpoint.

BUT WHAT DID WE GET: We got legislation from an Administration pitching this health spending bill that can't be paid for without stealing billions of dollars from Medicare; does nothing to LOWER present costs but will actually encourage the Health Care Companies to raise premiums. It does nothing to reduce prescription costs, simply encourages more prescriptions to be imported into this country. It encourages the Health Care Giants to be more exclusionary and to 'legal-ease' their programs so that denial can occur at their choosing.

We, as Americans, argued strenuously against its passage at every opportunity. We offered detailed reasons for our opposition, along with common-sense alternative reforms aimed at lowering the cost of health care while yet providing access without undermining the system that we had and for all of our efforts these same lawmakers in Washington persisted to pass this 'garbage' bill. A bill that will ultimately cost jobs as employers reduce benefits and cut jobs simply to 'make ends meet'.

I believe it is time for our lawmakers in Washington to understand that the working public, the entrepreneur, the small business person, the second and third generation of LEGAL immigrants are sick and tired of carrying those that take advantage of a system that has become so Socialized, so addicting, so anti-business, so non-accountable that it actually encourages people to do nothing because the government will take care of you. Bullshit!

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