Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Volume 19 - California - (Again) The Land of ZERO Accountability

The 'Fruit and Nut' Award goes to California US District Judge Jeremy Fogel for halting the execution of Michael Morales because lethal injection would be painful and as a result could be construed as "cruel and unusual punishment". U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel ruled that the state would have to modify them or halt the execution until a full hearing could be held on the process. The federal judge will hold a hearing in May on the state's lethal injection process, and Morales's execution remains on hold.

This fiasco involving not only this judge's ruling, but the defense attorney's argument of cruel and unusual punishment after denials for clemency from the Governor and denials from the US Supreme Court on appeals gets even 'wackier' with the explanation of the lethal injection and the possibility of some degree of pain as it is used.

Stop the press. Enough. In 1981, this 'scumbag' brutally raped and murdered a seventeen year old young lady by the name of Terri Winchell. He admits to the crime. Twenty-five years later, a judge puts off the execution for the above stated reason of "cruel and unusual punishment". Twenty-fives years later!

Does the State of "Fruit and Nuts" have a special prison where these convicted killers sentenced to the death penalty stay for decades at a time? Does the name Stanley Tookie Williams ring a bell? The fact is that there are 649 of these 'scumbags' sentenced to death in California living off of your 'dime' and apparently for decades!

There are 38 states in this great county that have the "death penalty". If you live in one of these 38 states and are convicted of a death penalty crime, you should be executed in a reasonable amount of time. That process doesn't take twenty-five years living on the tax payers money. Get an Express Line established! Learn what accountability for one's actions really means. It's not a question of 'opps' or 'do-overs' in real life. Victims do count. If businesses operated like this they would be bankrupt! Sad. Bureaucratic bullshit hidden under the skirt of liberal thinking mixed with a dollop of socialism.

If you don't want the death penalty in your state, then don't include it on your State's table of contents. If the people desire the death penalty in their respective state, then use it. But don't 'dill dally' around like some wishy washy transvestite attempting to figure out who you are and taking decades to make decisions wasting tax-payers money on convicted 'scumbags' that rape and murder. Take your holier than thou leftist thinking and go sell crazy to other parts of the world that support indecision and socialism.

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