Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Volume 1 – Nothing sacred

I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in talk radio. In fact, I’m amazed that such a thing exists during the daylight hours. Who the hell is the audience? On the other hand, if there was a late night (early morning) talk radio show one could visualize the audience with some credibility. The hard working people who work an afternoon shift with constant overtime or those that work a graveyard shift with the benefit of a radio or those in the service industry who have just got done kissing your ass, general public, for the past eight or ten hours for lousy tips and poverty wages to struggle to become managers where they could work ninety hour weeks and/or put their lives on the line if not today, at some time in the future. They are on their way home just wanting to unwind before they have to go back to their Hotel, restaurant, tavern, police house, street department, fire station or diner job to put up with the likes of the so called professional person who’s indignation, arrogance and sheer stupidly are usually beyond imagination or maybe worse, the general public who is mindless at best and doesn’t have a clue. Thus, the name of my blog (for someday, I just might have that type radio show. Of course, I’ll have to own the radio station, and it will be located in the one of the gardens of the Cantinell di Capri on the Island of Capri encircled by the Mediterranean, but that’s another subject.)

Why the ‘blog’ site at all is even a more interesting question but one that I have accepted due to the start of my new company and advice of a person I do respect. Of course, in my blog, as you should already be able to discern, there are no boundaries. I’ll attempt to keep the subject on ‘business’ and related subject matter but I’m opinionated. And, if I decide to write about school shootings, lack of dress codes and apathy of parents and teachers, or the sexual predators in the Catholic Church, so be it. You have the right not to read it.

I have also been advised to tell you a little something about myself. I’m never really sure why something like this is important especially over the ‘net’ considering that I could be anybody with a tale to tell and an imagination equal. However, to appease those wiser than I, I’ve had four major categories of employment throughout my lifetime, to this point. They have occupied the fields of education, transportation, law enforcement and business management, including five years as President and CEO of a 45 million dollar company. I have degrees from Kent State University and Case Western Reserve University with even a one-year stint in the seminary.

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